eat-it-ology: harnessing the 'wisdom' of the crowd

the facebook experience

eat-it-ology – the premier hyper-judgmental social media experience – was born on Facebook, and the e-i-o Facebook groups are the heart and soul of our efforts. Jump on in and share your bad opinions with the rest of us.

eat-it-ology: food versus food

The eat-it-ology Facebook page is the premier destination for awkward and arbitrary showdowns between beloved foods. Start here, and add your voice to the chorus.

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eat-it-ology: [subtitle of the week]

The eat-it-ology group was where the whole network began. If you’re looking for the full experience of being barraged by bad ideas nonstop, this is where you want to be.

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cook-it-ology: simmering down with some pals

cook-it-ology is a relaxed spinoff with much less arguing and much more recipe trading, cooking challenges, and generally useful Serious Food Discourse. It’s probably the best group in the network.

simmer down folks

play-it-ology: the quest for gaming with friends

There are about nine hundred thousand gaming groups on facebook but only one that started out as a failed attempt to use Facebook polls to DM a game of Dungeons and Dragons.

we have a goldeneye server

the expanded universe

e-i-o also has a number of spinoff social media accounts on other platforms for when you’re looking for all the joys of arguing in a restrictive format without all the Facebook.

the eat-it-ology twitter

sometimes, you want to spend time on the other social media giant – or introduce friends to e-i-o without having to actually let them see all your secret shame. this is literally why twitter exists

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the eat-it-ology instagram

look, if all our aunts are gonna keep saying that instagram is just that website for people to post pictures of their food, we might as well oblige them with some tangentially related e-i-o goodness

no filters required