Past “Winners”

A full listings of all our past winners is coming soon.

Running “Jokes”


Olive Garden BreadsticksBack during Soup Bracket, one of our members was pushing for Olive Garden’s shitty gnocchi as an option and mentioned in the poll that the soup came with a side of breadsticks. The soup went on to make a deep run buoyed by the presence of OG’s long biscuits. It was really funny in context and we refuse to let the joke die.

Mountain Dew Baja Blast
Mountain Dew Baja Blast is an extremely polarizing and extremely good soda that managed a shocking run up to the Final Four of Soda Bracket. We still sing songs of its near triumph to this day.

Texas / Yankee / Southern Bias
The demographics of the group are constantly shifting, but a good chunk of the modpod are alums of the University of Houston and a decent chunk of the members are Texas-affiliated. One recurring theme throughout matchups is people blaming the loss of their favorite cuisine on the group having a bias either for or against food from Texas. Baja Blast beating Dr. Pepper was one of the biggest alleged cases of Yankee Bias on the books to date.

Tootsie Trolls / Cinnamon Trolls / Garlic Gang
A number of members, including mods who should’ve known better, led a concerted lobbying effort to get Tootsie Rolls (Candy Bracket), Cinnamon Rolls (Brunch Bracket), and Garlic (Produce Bracket) to make deep runs in their respective brackets. Unlike Baja Blast, which was excellent and exciting, these options were all garbage and their respective defeats / championships were sad.

Grocery Bracket
Something that sounds like a fun bracket idea but would be terrible in execution.

Holy Bears
This isn’t a meme. It’s a thing people say just like in normal life.

Eggy Sauce
look, all y’all  👫 👬 👭have said 🗣some pretty negative ⛔ things about mayonnaise sauce 🍶. I, as well, was also unconvinced 🤔 of the eggy 🍳sauce’s  🍶merits, 🏆 too. but then I moved 🛫 to the Netherlands 🌍for study abroad 📙 📘 📗 and I have, through strenuous 💪 💪 academic research  📜, concluded that you are all WRONG 🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫. mayonaise sauce 🍶 and french fries 🍟is the best combination of potato 🥔and condiment. 🥄 Being a lifelong lover 😏 😏 😏 of the honey mustard 🐝 🐝 ($ mustard) sauce, 🍶 and a general appreciator 🤔 of the ketchup 🍅 sauce, 🍶I sincerely thought  🤔that no sauce 🍶 sauce 🍶 could dethrone 💎 a sauce 🍶 sauce 🍶 as the best french fries 🍟 sauce. 🍶 But now, comrades 🇨🇳, I am convinced 🤗 beyond the shadow of a reasonable, tasty doubt 🙄, that it is in fact mayonase sauce 🍶that is the Best Sauce 🍶 for to eat with the freedom 🎆 fries. 🍟 I have tested this by eating of the french fries first with the tomato ketchup sauce 🍶, and then continued by to eat the frenched frieds with the mustard sauce🍶 (both dijon sauce, money 💰 mustard sauce , French sauce🍶 , yellow 🚕 sauce , etc etc all mustard sauces ), the continued with for tomato curry sauce , then continued with to a garlic sauce , then continued with some salsa  💃🕺 sauce , then for a control just the fried freedom 🎆 in french fry 🍟 sauce , and then I concluded by with trying to eat French frY 🍟 with the stable🐴 emulsion of oil, egg 🍳 yolk , and either vinegar or lemon juice sauce. then I Said to myself, which sauce 🍶 sauce 🍶 went best? And I realized, the eggy maonase sauce 🍶 was the BEST with 👏flavor 👏, with the 👏 consistency 👏, with the 👏taste👏 ; therefore I can say that with all in my mind’s considerating thoughts🤔 , that you were wrong and that monase sauce🍶 is not 👿bad👿 but 👼GOOD👼 , especially when monas sauce is applied to Dutch 🇳🇱 fries (PATAT 🥔 ) from teh Netherlands 🇳🇱 . You need to try mons sauce🍶 asap with fries🍟 and you will understand you know nothing about sauce 🍶 sauces 🍶, and do not understand the merit of to make a sauce 🍶 sauce 🍶 with an egg 🍳 and the yolk of that egg 🍳 and other things. please stop insulting mos sauce🍶 , ms sauce🍶 is the best, the best is m